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Medicaid Waste, Fraud , and Abuse

This is a very sad case concerning Wyoming's foster care system. 

In a Nutshell what was happening was some foster parents receiving adoption subsidies were refusing to accept the child back into the home after the initial inpatient/residential treatment contact.

Instead records indicate the children were apparently transferred to a second, third, and fourth inpatient/residential program.

Foster Children Abuse Summary

Mark Gaskill Testimony

Subsidized Adoption Correspondence

Wyoming's Lost Children

Star Tribune Article on 

Mark Gaskill

Green River Fire Chief embezzles from department foundation.

With the help of my bill, this and other sickening events just like this can be prevented.

Fortunately the low life was caught and sentenced to 3 to 7 years for felony theft and an additional year for wrongful appropriation of public property. He was also ordered to pay restitution of the more than $59,000.00 he took from the foundation plus court costs.  

Theft Article

My Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Bill

Bill Summary

-This covers all government personnel INCLUDING elected officials.

-This bill will give the ability to both citizens and government employees to report WFA (Waste, Fraud, and Abuse) by means of phone and/or online form. 

This FINALY adds teeth to the punishment to the statute by saying 

-No person convicted of a crime that constitutes waste, fraud or abuse shall be employed by a governmental entity. 

-The Dept. of Audit's website shall contain link to finalized information containing "The name, position and governmental entity of any person who has engaged in waste, fraud or abuse in the operation of a governmental entity;

The type of violation perpetrated, including the direct cost to the taxpayers of the waste, fraud or abuse; 

Penalties imposed; 

and Governmental resources expended to investigate and remedy the waste, fraud or abuse.

-This will also provide protection for someone if a false report is filed against them and it will then punish the person that filed that false report.

2021 Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Bill