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#1 Conservative State Senator Representing District 13 In Wyoming from 2019-2022 



As someone who has a passion for Accountability, Transparency, and Fiscal responsibility my mission will be to hold all elected officials accountable to their Oath of Office and to the US and Wyoming Constitutions. 

Anyone that assists me will bring accountability and transparency through their research, presentation of evidence and knowledge sharing to the public. 

The people deserve more accountability and transparency from all elected officials and I enjoy brining this information to the public. 

Having been in the Senate, I understand government has a spending problem, and not a revenue problem. 

I also know and understand this can be solved by bringing in private sector jobs and NOT through taxes, fees, and other financial burdens the Wyoming legislature places on Wyoming residents.

Less government intrusion always promotes a healthy economy.

It is my goal to provide the people with the most accurate information and become the source of information everyone can all agree on, has the integrity to give the correct information no matter what the outcome and  where they can find the unbiased, unfiltered truth on their representative.